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Welcome to Navigating Care

More than University Cancer & Blood Center's patient portal, Navigating Care is the digital care companion that helps you to stay connected to your care team and manage your health during your treatment journey. Access your health records, view lab results, organize your care, message your care team, and much more.

New to Navigating Care? The Navigating Care patient portal is available through an invitation from your clinic. To ensure your account is linked with your clinic, sign up using the registration link in the Welcome email. it usually arrives within 48 hours of your clinic adding your email to their system. If you're having trouble locating the email, check your spam or junk mail folder, or search for

University Cancer & Blood Center

The physicians and staff of University Cancer & Blood Center are committed to the best possible outcome for every patient who walks through our doors. We recognize the fundamental right of each cancer patient to the highest standard of care in treatments, technologies and clinical trials of the newest therapies — all delivered with compassion and respect for individual dignity.

We value the diversity of patient views about physicians. Some people see their relationship with us as a partnership; others simply want to be taken care of. We respond in whatever way makes a patient feel most comfortable.

Our dedication to excellence is why we spend time coordinating care between patients’ doctors. Generations ago, someone with cancer was treated in the hospital with everything in one place so doctors worked closely together. Today, most patients stay at home and receive tests and treatments in several locations. That makes Coordination of Care more important than ever.

Within our group, Coordination of Care means we regularly meet to discuss each patient’s responses to treatments and his or her medical needs. This may include adjusting doses, changing treatments or adding new options to address side effects. Sometimes, we consult with outside specialists such as cardiologists, nephrologists or endocrinologists as well as our colleagues at NCI Comprehensive Centers.

We understand that cancer isn’t just physical. Healing takes place at many levels. University Cancer & Blood Center patients have access to many support services that include emotional care, stress management, complementary medicine, nutrition counseling and palliative care if therapy ceases to work. We give and receive a lot of hugs each day.

We know that to heal is to make whole. And healing is one of the things we do best.

All this reflects the model of excellence that distinguishes the country’s most renowned NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers. It’s our model, too.

Welcome to the patient portal. This portal can assist you in contacting your doctor’s office, tracking your health status and provide patient education as well as additional helpful content.
• Navigating Care is an easy-to-navigate, secure web portal that provides access to your clinical information. You can view upcoming appointments, medication lists, test results, and clinical notes at your convenience. You can also review, save, and print your health information, as well as share your records with your family and caregivers. Using Navigating Care, you can send a message to your care team, and we will respond in a timely manner.
• Check the email address you provided during your registration process for a portal email with a registration link embedded or use the temporary login credentials provided to you by your clinic. With your portal account credentials, go to the upper right corner to sign in.
If you need help registering please
call 1-800-925-4456 or
Contact Navigating Care support here:
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